Coaching Staff

Start improving your game today! We have USBC Silver and Bronze coaches on staff as well as Dick Ritger Level II Coaching. Any experience level welcome -- we can work with your on your own practice plan for improvement.

BowlSmart & RKH Coaching Summer Clinics:

Bowling Clinic featuring Ron Hatfield & James Freeman

Our annual BowlSmart & RKH Coaching Summer Clinics will be June 4th & June 5th! Gain additional knowledge for the sport and get advice on how to improve your game from the coaches of 'Bowling Beyond The Basics' featuring USBC Gold Coach Ron Hatfield and USBC Silver Coach James Freeman!

New this year -- register and pay before May 20, 2022 to lock in last year's rate! Text (513) 523-9054 to register and pay today!

One-on-One Rates:

$25 for 30 minutes.

$45 for 60 minutes.

Group Rates:

Please contact us at (513) 523-9054

** All rates include bowling **

Kegel Specto:

We were the first center in Ohio to provide this training tool to its bowlers. Practice drills and challenges provide an excellent way to improve those trouble areas. The technology will track your bowling ball as it travels down the lane. Recording critical data points in the ball's motion -- all available as an app on your phone! Stop in and check it out today!

Additional Tools Available:

  • Kegel Torch - Lane Targeting Light
  • Kegel Arrow - Positioning & Activation Tool
  • Hudl Technique Video Analysis
  • Training tools from BowlU & Eileen's Bowling Buddy