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June 5, 2020
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We're your one-stop shop for all your bowling equipment needs! We upgraded our pro shop services in 2018 and we're ready to take your game to the next level.

We have competitive pricing for bowling balls, bags, shoes and accessories! Check out our current bowling ball inventory and pricing at the bottom of our services list.

Bowling Ball Fitting

Bowling ball fit is vital to continued success on the lanes. Stop by to get a fit check today. Many of the drilling ideas used in the past have been adjusted for today's game. We'll check your span and make recommendations to help your game!

We'll also find your positive axis point, axis tilt, axis rotation, launch speed, and RPMs so we can help you make the most educated decision on drilling your next piece of equipment.

Bowling Ball Drilling

With our upgrade to Innovative Bowling's Dual Chamber PowerVac Jig with digital controls we can maximize consistency from bowling ball to bowling ball. We're proud of the new equipment -- ask to check it out when you visit!

Bowling Ball Plugging

If you're not ready to buy a new ball, we can plug an existing ball and get it setup for you! Test out a new fit with an older piece of equipment before you jump in with that new ball!

MoRich Determinator

If you've got a plugged bowling ball, the Determinator can find the mass bias on the undrilled ball. This is extremely important when laying out a plugged ball for a re-drill.

Bowling Ball Resurfacing

Bowling ball surfaces are key to success in the high end game today. Our Haus resurfacer will produce consistent results whether you're looking for the ball to read the lane early or late! Bundled with the Bowling Ball Surface Scanner we can show you what the surface is on your bowling ball when it's finished.

Bowling Ball Surface Scanner

This piece of technology will scan the surface of your bowling ball. It provides an overall view and detailed view of the porosity of the surface. Want something dull or shiny -- we can verify it. Get a scan today to see how the surface changes as you bowl!

Oil Extraction

If you notice your bowling ball starting to fizzle out, maybe it's ready for an oil extraction. With the variety of coverstocks on bowling balls today, it's always important to clean them AFTER you finish bowling. Even wiping off your bowling ball between shots won't keep lane conditioner from soaking into the coverstock. Stop by to see how we can help extract that and return performance to that dead piece of equipment.

Bowling Ball Inventory

** Drilled prices do not include finger or thumb inserts **

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